A Pizza Place is Now a Restaurant?

So it’s Friday evening and I’m not in the mood to cook, yes I am male and I do the cooking my wife’s with child as they used to say back in the day(1800’s) so get off my back! Anyway I’m looking through the yellow pages and naturally I look under “pizza” and there was nothing there. Now, I can understand if I lived in a small hick town where “they don’t take kindly to places like that”, but I’m in Miami. So I go to the internet and search pizza hut’s site with their search by zip code thing. I then proceed to call the nearest one to me

pizza hut#1: “sorry that’s not our area” I hangup
me thinking:(ok fine I’ll call the next one here)
pizza hut#2: “no you need to call this one”
me:”I just called that one”
pizza hut#2: “well its not us is all I know” I hangup again
me:(God damnit!) expletive expletive those cock-expletives
me: Okay fine let me look through this God forsaken yellow book once again, maybe I was eating shit the first time around and didn’t see it.
me:open yellow book okay got to pizza once again okay it’s not freakin there!what is this, am I in the twilight zone?
me: screw it I’ll find something else, so I look under “restaurant” and I come across you guessed it, Outback, but right after it I see Pizza. Well I now feel dumber for having gone through all that, but, I found Pizza.

What’s the moral? I have no clue, but where do crappy pizza joints get off on calling themselves restaurants? That’s like getting a 1982 Gremlin putting a spoiler kit, and claim you got yourself a brand new SUV.


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