Adam Sandler You Are Not Funny Anymore

In High School I was the biggest Adam Sandler fan, when I saw Billy Madison I would dream of the day when I could just hang out in my pool drinking with friends…wait I already do that, but I did think it was a funny movie. After that with Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, and The WaterBoy, Adam Sandler seemed to really be hitting it off.

Sometime after Big Daddy and Little Nicky (which was barely Sandlerish), things took a turn for the worst. Adam Sandler decided he wanted a stab at serious acting (or at least tried to make the transition into it).

Punch Drunk Love was the disastrous result of that. This movie propelled him into the abyss of denial. Denial of the fact that, dude, you are no Tom Hanks. Few people can make the transition from comedy to serious acting as smoothly and successfully as Tom Hanks did it, especially not someone who was made famous by seeing invisible penguins when they drank too much. This is only but one of many that followed, more recently some other ones which quite frankly sucked so bad they are not worth the 4 seconds it would take for me to type their names.

One more thing on Adam Sandler, what is it with his come back sports movies? I bet he was passed over for a lot of teams in school and this is his way of proving to them he can play? Anyway Adam, I still love you for all the times you made me laugh but when I see you trying to do gay romantic comedy, I want to just choke myself to death. In the end, stick to what you know you damn idiot!



  1. This is the worst review ever…you have it completely backwards! Water Boy is possibly the stupidest film of all time! Little Nicky is not much better…anybody can just make a retarded face and cramp their neck mussels…woowhoo, how funny! NOT!!!! Punch Drunk Love was one of Adam Sandler’s best movies, by far! He’s way better at dark comedy than slap-stick child humor, and anyone with taste in movies whatsoever would agree…unless they’re a third grader.

  2. Water Boy is certainly not Sandler’s best work but it’s way better than Little Nicky which is way better than Bucky Larsen which is almost as bad as Punch Drunk Love.

  3. Sandler is a worthless actor. He has zero talent. Hes an idiot and his movies are all horrible. As an actor, he has no skills. If he was to OD 10 years ago the world would never have noticed.

  4. Sandler sucks! Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2?? You have to be kidding me. Thanks for this article it is spot on! And he is a conservative after creating his empire built upon sex tinged, potty humor.

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