American Idol Bullshit

Okay…what is this? Are we supposed to worhship these idiots? How it pisses me off. Ask anyone of those idiots this question; “why are you here? template response is “I’m just here to have fun”. Yeah right…what a bunch of crap. They are there to win and get famous and have everyone kiss their freakin’ ass.

The Judges:

They are all absolutely asinine;

The Dog; (Randy) What’s up with this guy? He acts sooo black, I wonder why? I feel like going in there and acting even blacker than he does. I’ll be like; Yo yo yo yo waz up pazna? yeah dog, true black in tha house AAAHHHH YEEEAAAAAAHH! aaight patna I finna lay it down fo’ ya’ll, cuz I’m from the mofo’ ghetto…can I get a amen …AMEN.

Paula Abdul; So she had a little affair with that horse looking guy. Big deal what else is she going to do to pick up her dried up career…nothing left to do but throw yourself at contestants to make headlines. Pathetic

Simon; When are you going to come out of the closet?

Ryan Seacrest; This guy has done more to destroy the American male than anyone else in history, here’s why; He’s a freakin metrosexual…basically this means that you are not fully gay yet, but damn near it. So kids growing up see this fag up there with hightlights in his hair and pseudo-male clothing, and they think “hey I guess this is how I’m supposed to dress”.
Also, why is it this moron got a star on hollywood? He’s been on radio for 2 minutes and he has a freakin’ star? I wonder who’s dick he pulled for that one.

So there you have it, if you watch this show you are a freakin queer. Hopefully it will get canceled soon. Not likely though.

American Idol =What Idiots!


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