AOL Does Not Own a Separate Internet

Has anyone seen those asinine commercials by AOL, where people are claiming to request this and that from the internet and at the end they say their tag-line “AOL, a better internet.” This statement is erroneous to say the least and directly misleading to say the most. NEWS FLASH ! THERE IS ONLY ONE INTERNET! As much as AOL would want you to believe that somehow they have a separate better internet , it is not true. I will refer the executives of AOL to check the history of the internet in order for them to get their facts straight, since I know they read this blog all the time. So in the spirit of truth in advertising, I have written this short tutorial so they can reference it when venturing into their marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • What is the Internet?
  • The internet is a one big network of computers worldwide.

  • Are there different Internets?
  • No, the closest thing to this would be Internet 2, an experimental super high speed network available only in certain colleges and universities, this will kick ass when it goes mainstream…basically you would be able to download movies in a matter of seconds.

  • Is a AOL a crappy ISP, which has been losing customers for years and who’s email system is riddled with spam and porn?
  • Yes, AOL is pretty crappy and has been losing customers for years. They have even been suspected of trying to artificially inflate their subscriber numbers, but that didn’t help them either and their email system is plagued with spam and porn and other junk.

So there you have it, AOL is not a separate Internet, it is pretty crappy and generally just sucks.


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