B Actors and Their A counterparts

B actors have always fascinated me, sadly I sometimes feel bad for them…especially when they think they are real artists. Let’s look at a very sad case, the person who got Julia Roberts into acting. It was her brother Eric Roberts, you may or may not know him off hand, but you would immediately recognize his mug if you have ever been up at 2 AM watching the Lifetime channel. Well apparently this guy was a big shot b actor and one day he told his little sister “you know what, you got that glimmer in your eye, that sparkle in your smile, and your damn cute…pass by the set today and I’ll see if I can get you a part as an extra in one of my made for TV movies, I got a feeling you might just make it” he then threw his cigarette to the ground, stomped on it, and muttered “goddamn cancer sticks are gonna kill me one day”Sorry for that I had a flash back of one of his movies. But he did get his sister into acting:)


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