Barabara Streisand Sucks

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI have never seen such an arrogant, condescending, non-talented winch. Since when does she get off thinking that we care what her political views are? All of a sudden all these stupid-ass self-serving scumbag actors and singers are political pundits. Do everyone a favor and shut the hell up! But what really boils my blood is the fact that she (Barbara Streisand) demands that the “little people” not make eye contact with her.

I’m sorry…I didn’t realize we were serfs living in medieval times serving our Queen madam Streisand. Let me show you the hypocrisy of this idiot. She claims to be for environmental protection, yet take a look at her house on the beach, looks to me like you are contributing to beach erosion? Oh wait..that doesn’t apply to you because your caca don’t stink. Babs please get over yourself; you are not important, you ARE old, and you have a big nose. So screw off!



  1. I so agree with this…..someone tell these celebs to JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND ACT!!!! It’s like Paris Hilton preaching morals to young America. I wanna beat her with a Prada shoe till she bleeds.

  2. She’s another hollywood jew who thinks she’s above us all because she got her career handed to her. She’s very overrated and ugly!

    • Realist, you have my permission to upgrade yourself to 3.0 for your insightful base of knowledge. Story time: Old Jew buys young jew a ladder, puts him on said ladder, pushes him up steps, brags about influence on young Jews brilliant rise to top. Young Jew wins award, writes book about success.

    • Barbra Streisand has no class and should leave America/U.S. for things she saysabout our president whether you agree or not do not look like a stupid Hollywood bitch

  3. In today’s society with all the media and internet you look back and compare Barbra with the new talents of today; you realize that she is nothing especial. Do a search in YouTube for a kid that sings O mio babbino caro like the Jackie Evancho or others and you will see what i am talking about. Barbra sucks, she is just okay voice. Pretty she is not, tall she is not, smart she is not.I agree with Realist 2.0 She’s very overrated and ugly!

  4. You are all wrong! Barbra Streisand is one of the best singers in the world. I hate people like yourselves. You’re all just jealous of the fine, classy lady that Barbra is. She is not ugly and she is one of the best singers I have ever heard. And she is also so private unlike your so called celebrities today. Instead of criticizing her take a look at what you need to fix in your own life. I think it would be best if you followed in her footsteps.

  5. barbara has a wonderful voice..too bad she has no other positives…. I really had problems with her when I read that she has to have brand new toilet seats installed for her when she stays in a hotel…. really ?
    no way to know if that is true, but who could make up
    such a thing ? I do not have the time to go into her weird political views… but….. good luck to her….
    she really is a “nothing to see here person”

  6. Shame on you for being so PC, you do not speak out against Hamas. I really love the irony of the Streisand Effect…suing someone for taking a picture of your palace when no one the hell cared until after you made an enormous ass out of yourself. Your cowardice (yeah, if you spoke out against Hamas, they would target you, wouldn’t they?) is staggering, as is your hypocrisy. Your people are in trouble & not so much as a peep out of Babs. You sure had a big-enough mouth on everything else. Shame on you BarBRA…just heaps of shame. You are nobody special, sister & you’re really nothing but an old lady with a huge scrapbook of old clippings. Rich liberals really get to me…if you are taking even ONE tax loophole, your hypocrisy is staggering, since you’re cheating black welfare single moms in the ghettos by not paying up. You don’t even get it, do you? In the end, madam, do you have no shame at all?

  7. I have nothing to say regarding this, except that it is not very considerate
    Of anyone. To speak unfavorably of the President of the United States.

  8. I agree 100% she looks like a clown with that big fat nose. She thinks her shit don’t stink but her farts give it away she has always annoyed the snot out of me. She sucks and is stupid if I saw her I’d look her in the eyes just to piss her off she don’t own any of us without fans she’s a nobody

  9. She sure is fugly, and only ever had an average voice that was no better than many others of the period. Also, she can’t write, compose, or read music. Streisand also can’t play a musical instrument, and is a terrible actress who chews the scenery in every film she’s ever been in.

  10. Barbara needs to suit up, grab an AR-15, go to Syria and fight against Assad. If she is not willing to do that, she needs to STFU!

  11. i am so sorry she is Jewish as I am. She is a disgrace to everything that is American and righteous.I hope that big nosed, big mouthed bitch dies ASAP.

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