Denzel Washington and Dennis Haysbert

Have you ever been watching a movie and for a second you think, hey isn’t that Denzel Washington, or isn’t that (fill in some A actor), only to realize it’s not. I think Hollywood hires these people to try and trick us into believing these people are real A actors, or that maybe we’ll be so stupid as to believe we are watching the real thing. Well the lies and the confusion will stop today!! Here’s one; Denzel Washington(left) and Dennis Haysbert(right)

Denzel Washington and Dennis Haysbert

Although, I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Dennis Haysbert performance on the the hit TV show 24



  1. I have just watching the South African movie(Goodbye Bafana) and got confused when I thought Dennis Haysbert is Denzel Washington.
    They actually look like twin brothers

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