Fag Bags

two guys and a fag bagWhy are there still people wearing fag bags? Ok the 80’s are over…we are not wearing biker shorts for the hell of it and women are not wearing enough make up to make them look like cheap 80’s B movie whores. Guys especially; dude all the other guys think you are gay ok, so while you are prouncing around in the mall acting like Mr. big shot with your purple or black leather fag bag just remember that every guy that is passing by you is silently calling you a fag. Another thing, why is it that so many body builders wear this crap? If I were gonna work that hard to impress chics, I’m not gonna go and ruin it by wearing a fag bag, so if you have been working out for years and the only thing you get is a smile from guys that pass by you..it’s time to drop the fag bag. Have you ever seen those fat guys with the hot chics? I bet they’re not wearing fag bags. In my opinion, they call it fanny pack because if you are a guy and you wear one of these long enough they’ll be packing your fanny with something besides a bag.



  1. I drive a truck. I carry a concealed weapon. It is the easiest way to carry. It keeps the wallet out of the back pocket. Sitting on a wallet all day, while driving can cause back problems. Thus, I keep my wallet at hand, I keep my firearm at hand where it can be drawn while driving if the need arises. Next time do a bit of research before opening your blog and showing your stupidity.

  2. Dear Truck Driver,
    We are happy to hear that our fans have a mind of their own and we always encourage open dialogue concerning hot topics such as fanny packs. I too agree there are certain circumstances where fanny packs are a necessity. I have a friend who is a heroin addict and his fanny gives him a safe alternative for storing his dirty needles. Or what about the prostitute working the street corners . Hooker clothes don’t have pockets. Where can they carry their “John” money? I suppose their bra but that’s going to come off at least seven times on a busy night.
    Although I do understand your point of view I have to say Birdman’s top priority has always been responsible journalism. Writing an article without properly researching it has never been an option here at Whatidiots.com. However, it is easy at times to miss certain points of views and angles on a story when rushing to meet deadlines. So, I have taken it upon myself to do some research on what it’s like to be the everyday truck driver. Not only is this intended to help understand and justify your position but to offer some possible alternatives.
    My goal for this research was to get into the mind of what it is to be someone who drives the big rigs day in and day out. Since I don’t own a semi nor can i spare the time to travel across country, I rented the Sylvester Stallone film “Over the Top”. This movie was as informative as a documentary yet had all the pizzaz that only hollywood could deliver. Through the eyes of Lincoln Hawk I learned that all truck drivers love Kenny Loggins music, participate in extreme arm wrestling tournaments and have a weakness for flannel shirts minus the sleeves. The only inaccuracy I could find was the lack of fanny pack useage throughout the entire film. Does that make your argument any less credible? Of course not, but it did give me some insight and some ideas for possible alternatives. Unlike hooker clothes most flannel shirts are equipped with pockets. Typically they are placed on both the right breast and the left. Perfect for holding a wallet. As for your firearm we too have permits to carry concealed weapons and although the women really like the shoulder rig we usually use an ankle holster as our routine method of transport. It’s quick to access and when sitting it really sets off our patent leather shoes.
    The bottom line is that you feel comfortable with your fanny pack and as previously mentioned by myself there is nothing wrong with that. But to say that is the only alternative to your situation would not be entirely true.
    Maybe you are saying you didn’t ask for our opinion, but remember we didnt happen upon you, you came to us.

  3. I hate truck drivers. I hate fanny packs. I hate truck drivers and fanny packs.

  4. Birdman, good article it gave me a good laugh. I love it when I see someone wear a fag bag, it makes my day.
    Seahorse, reasonable and funny arguments to JB’s post, you sound like a pompous idiot, what idiots y’all

  5. FAG BAGS ARE AWESOME! I wish i could find one. I’m not gay, or a junkie. I’m a carpenter. And I hate having to search through pockets and fuck around constantly trying to find those little things that i used to carry in my fag bag (fanny pack). i am going to have a fanny pack made for me and wear it proudly. As I mentioned, I am not gay but I certainly have no problem with small minded people thinking that I am. I don’t know why fag bags disappeared cause they were the handiest thing ever. A purse for men. And before you get all poopy in your pants about that comment you might want to consider that it wasn’t so long ago that the man wore the purse and would die before he would ever allow a woman to carry his purse. Funny how things change, eh?

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