How To Be Like Ben Affleck

As most of you know by now Ben Affleck is that guy that thinks he can act. Yeah the one who made that, I mean those god awful movies. In case anyone is interested, I’m going to give a few pointers on how to be more like Ben Affleck.

  • First and foremost in your pursuit of being like Ben Affleck; Be condescending. Look down on everyone as if your smarter, better looking, more principled, and more informed than they are.
  • Second- Get hired for movies your woefully unqualified for.
  • Next-Get involved in politics but only to hit on Chelsea Clinton, after breaking up with Gwyneth Paltrow? I know she is an idiot, but at least she’s hot.
  • Then-do a lot of drugs and alcohol, and have the folks at wikipedia completely omit that information from your bio.
  • Did I mention you have to be a hooorible actor, it helps if you think you are like the modern James Dean or something.
  • And finally, hate yourself and the media for giving you a really gay name like Beniffer.

Being Ben Affleck is not easy , when you have to deal with semi-retarded friends like Matt Damon-who by the way is a way better actor.

Yes I know I got that from the Team America movie, and as usual Matt Stone and Trey Parker are right on.


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