How to get revenge on your boss

Get Revenge on your usually writes about doing the right thing. But, every once in a while you have to take matters into your own hands and draw blood, it’s the only way the enemy understands. In our case, the enemy is our boss. Here, we will detail step by step how to embarrass the hell out of him, stress him out, and fill his house with junk mail.

Before we get to the nitty gritty on exacting revenge on your boss, lets start by laying out some ground rules. First we don’t want to do anything that will get us arrested, for example, cutting his brake lines, killing his dog and putting its head prominently on a flag pole, or anything else that has to do with bodily injury.

Now that we are clear on the rules lets take a look at some things we can do to get payback on your boss.

1. In the jobs section of any free local newspaper, put an ad.
It can be about anything, but make it enticing. For example;
“Looking for plumber, no experience necessary, will train. $17hr.”
Then make sure to put your boss’s cell number and work phone number (he can’t turn that one off). Don’t put his home number, we don’t want to involve their spouse. Trust me it will make it all the better, she or he won’t understand why their beloved husband or wife is coming home pissed everyday.

2.Go to your nearest a Barnes and Nobles, Borders, etc…
Go to the magazine section and get subscription cards to as many gay magazines as you can. Fill them out in your bosses name with the work address and check off where it says bill me later. Or better yet, if you can get a “gift” subscription card, make it to where they bill your boss’s boss.

3. While your in the magazine section…
go to the business opportunity section, open up any of those mags and get the “send me free information card” inside. Check off each one of the products and put your boss’s home address. He will soon be drenched in junk mail.

Hope this gets you started on the road to getting even.



  1. This is the best revenge on a boss I have ever seen!!!!!!
    This guy friended him on face book as a beautiful girl and got him to write unspeakable things. It’s a beautiful revenge story.

    RE-Post this guy is a real asshole.

  2. If you have their social security number, what kind of damage can you do? Give me some ideas…

  3. @Jennifer: forge a death certificate and submit it in Boss’s name. It will be months to years for it to be sorted out. We all know how fast the IRS is to take things… and how slow for ANYTHING else.

  4. Every popul that came up on my computer, I put her cell phone and work phone number down. Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Auto Trader, National Geographic and a whole bunch of random shit. The bitch deserved it! Dont take my hours away from me because my availability changed and expect me NOT to retaliate! I hope you enjoy the magazines and random ass phone calls asshole!

  5. Lmaooo, BEST SHIT EVER!! I can’t wait to see the look on his face!!!!!

  6. My boss didn’t know that the J:/ drive at work was public and visible to everyone in the department. He was having marital problems and posted letters to his wife there. “Somehow” those letters ended up posted on the lunchroom wall. He left a few weeks later.

  7. I called the county health board and gave a good description of all the smoking violations my employer was breaking. They got thousands of dollars in fines and had to tear down three smoke shacks. I was pretty happy when I came back from being laid off to find out my call had worked.
    If they hadn’t have laid me off I wouldn’t have had the spare time to cause them trouble.

  8. Hi all

    I’ve spent years .. avoiding my boss’s provocations and wish I could avoid any further friction with him , but it seems every where I go ,whatever I do at work he is never satisfied enough with the trouble he has caused me , he spent money by sending suspension papers at house before I even knew I had a suspension on false pretexts , and you should of seen how my wife waiting for me to walk up my door step … he has lied several times ( dirtying my reputation ), causing me havoc and headaches , and this has gone on for years .. he just can’t get enough of ruining my life for these past 13 years … he has tried to get me fired on so many different occasions but has so far been able to achieve this .. I have had it .. I need help , I really do … I need to pay him back , and please believe me , he just hates me , cause I never have been a push over , but was raised to respect my fellow human being . And sadly enough my folks always showed me to look the other way , I am tired of looking the other way , I have many kids and am afraid to get into trouble .. I need help .. anyone knows any good strategies if I have his cell number ?? or any other real good tricks ?

  9. hello guys thanks for advice, but my boss did not get angry from those ideas.
    he changed his cell phone number.
    do you have any more ideas i want him to wish that he was never born because he seduced my girlfriend and fucked her.
    i need your help guys please.

  10. I worked as a security officer for a JR. College in Texas. After my 1st boss retired having worked there for 20 years. My new boss was a total jerk, and dumb ass. He had been fired from his last job. 7 people worked in the security office. About 90 days after he took over as chief of security, he fired a 7 of us. He hired his friends from his last job. When I left there I had his personal info. His name, ssn, dob, a friend of my put all that info out in public on the word wide web. Back in 1999. The ID thifes had a field day with him. He lost his house, his credit, his job, and he could not get any job. His wife was from japan. She pack up the two kids, and went home to mom and dad. I got a job as a deputy sheriff. One day I seen that pice of crap in a public park. I ran his name thru the computer. He had warrants out for his arrest. I put his butt in jail. The jail comander toll me a few days later, that the inmates had some fun with him that nite. What go around comes around. Don’t get mad get even, and then some.

  11. no one mentioned the pizza party: compliments of the boss.

    Call Papa Johns and order 5 (not toooo many to draw attention) have em delivered to her at work. 5 x 19 = $100 w/ tax

  12. Mail him, anonymously, a bag of dicks candy. Go online and search ‘bag of dicks candy’. It’s worth the $20+ bucks.

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