Jeff Daniels and Dave Coulier

Okay continuing with our exposition of b-version types in hollywood, another prime example is Jeff Daniels and Dave Coulier. You might know Jeff Daniels from some very funny movies such as Dumb and Dumber.

Dave Coulier you would know from Full House and that’s about it. Actually if anyone has seen him in any other roles please leave a comment below.

The big difference between these two, is well, that one is very funny (Jeff Daniels) and one is not(Dave Coulier). The other day I saw Dave Coulier being interviewed about a “look back at Full House” and basically he says he’s moved on and has been working on other projects. OK, let me spell this out right now, whenever an actor says he has “been working on different projects” that usually means they are out of work.

From left to right (A version= Jeff Daniels) (B version=Dave Coulier)



  1. Dave Coulier was on the sureal life…well, it is a reality show, very real world-esque, in which they stick b-celebrities with, well other b-celebrities, in a house in Hollywood hills and film them for a couple of weeks…hmm…guess that really doesn’t constitute “working on other projects”…it’s ok dave, maybe one day the Olsen twins will be in the market for a private butler or something

    • Coulier is B-list? Kathy Griffin puts herself on the D-list so I gotta’ wonder who’s on the C-list? I think Dave should more likely be on the F-list

  2. i really thought you were funny in full house. and i still think so do you have a wife or a girlfriend. because i think your really cute but im only 12. i think your the cutest guy on earth.

  3. i love you dave i think you are so cute i realy want to hang out with you call me 954-***-5799

  4. Get over yourself 12 year old children and whoever leaves phone numbers. He isn’t going to hang out with you and he definitely doesn’t want to marry you. PATHETIC OBSESSORS!

  5. Besides owning his own childrens entertainment company and having a successful Stand-up comedy career he has been in the following:
    Bob & Doug (2009) (TV series) (voice of Bob McKenzie)
    Shredderman Rules! (2007) (TV)
    The GradeSchool Game (2007) (host)
    Farce of the Penguins (2007) (direct to DVD movie) (voice)
    Skating With Celebrities (2006) (TV Series)
    Robot Chicken (2006) (TV series) (voice actor/voice)
    The Surreal Life (2003) (TV series) (2004)
    The Even Stevens Movie (2003) (TV)
    America’s Most Talented Kid (2003) (TV series)
    To Tell the Truth (2000) (TV series)
    The Thirteenth Year (1999) (TV)
    Mighty Joe Young (1998) (Mighty Joe)
    America’s Funniest People (1990) (TV series)
    The Real Ghostbusters (1986) (TV series) (Peter Venkman) (1987 – 1991) (Originally Lorenzo Music)
    Full House (1987-1995) (TV series)
    Muppet Babies (1986-1991) (TV series) (voice)
    Out of Control (1984) (TV series)
    Things Are Tough All Over (1982) credited as Dave Couwlier
    Scooby and Scrappy-Doo (1979) (TV series) (voice)
    (re-syndicated (1985) version of) The Jetsons (1962) (voice)

  6. You little 12 year olds need to shut up! He’s like 50 now, and he’s NOT going to talk to you, let alone marry you! So, shut up, and get a life!!!!

    • Wow. You are a real Internet tough guy. Telling 12 year olds to get a life because they think a tv star is cute. Thats what 12 year olds are supposed to do. You, on the other hand, are pathetic.

  7. We saw Dave preform in Atlanta a few years ago. He has been lots of places and worked with many people. His true talent is voices and he’s pretty good. He does a great show and is a regular guy very approachable we talked after the show. Both he and my wife are from Mich where he still lives and works. I would love to have a carrier in front of a microphone rather than a camera anyway give Home a break it’s hard to be rich and funny in America.

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