Moving Up in The Career World

So you want to climb the corporate ladder? Be successful in everything you do and get recognized, all you have to do is work hard right? Wrong.

Let’s be honest, how many of us have an idiot for a boss who doesn’t deserve to be boss? Or better yet how many of us get passed up for promotions, by someone who is a lazy bum, or has a pair of tits?

I have got the solution; Success through mediocrity. Right here right now your life is going to change. I am going to tell you what those stupid motivational books won’t, so listen up: YOU ARE PROBABLY NOT GOING TO MAKE IT AS FAR AS YOU THINK, SO FIND A SHORT CUT OR GIVE UP. Actually that was a little more than I intended to say initially, but you get the point. Anthony Robbins is a fraud compared to us here at

The problem with success is that the bar is raised too high. Ever since we are kids we’re told “be an astronaut”, “be a doctor”, “be President of the United States”. Even as a kid you felt like telling your parents, “what are you guys stupid?, I’m not that smart” but they always tricked you into believing that they believed you were smart, yeah nice try we all knew I was about as smart as a shoelace on a rainy day.

The way to success in your career is simple, mediocrity. Let me put it to you this way, how many CEO’s, American presidents, or astronauts do you know? Zero, that’s how many. Conversely, how many middle management, clerical, or blue collar workers do you know? Many. So now that you have an easy target to aspire to, success is not that far away.


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