Nick Nolte and Gary Busey

I almost didn’t write this one, mainly because the differences in acting for both of these idiots isn’t much these days. But If I am forced to pick I have to say that Nick Nolte is the A-version and Gary Busey is the B-version. But really does it matter? they are both washed up anyway and they are both insane…really. From left to right (A version= Nick Nolte) (B version= Gary Busey)

*Note to Nick and Gary: You guys owe me big time, by doing this piece on you idiots I have given you exposure you desperately need for your flailing careers…thats OK I don’t need your money just drop me a thank you note in the comments section below.



  1. hi gary i think your so nices and i use to watch you on movies and you mind me of my ex husband mark and he always told he look like you !!!
    thank you

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