The 5 Best Fight Scenes Ever

As part of any action movie, there comes a time when the protagonist has to take care of business and dish out some punishment to those who want to hurt or even kill him.

Over the years we have seen some great fight scenes, Bruce Lee in enter the dragon, Chuck Norris kicking ass all over the place, and others. However, some are better than others. So what in fact makes a great fight scene? We have a few things we take a look at when determining the best fight scenes. Things such as costumes, weapons, fighting style, plot, and overall violence.

These are not in any particular order, but the first one has a black Asian man who happens to be handicapped…oops I mean handi-capable. So according to the rules of affirmative action, this one gets to go first even though it may not actually be the best one.

# 5 Equal opportunity fight scene

#4 Next up the use of weapons. This one ranks among the best for creative use of a weapon.

#3 If violence and gore is the name of the game. These guys can’t be topped.

#2 If you want a real plot with serious acting, this scene has two thumbs up. The looks on their faces is enough to scare the shit out of anyone.

#1 For overall ability, dress, and creativity this clip is number one-avoid this man at all costs. Observe the close ups of the boots…awesome. The victory dance at the end adds an element of humor to otherwise seriously vicious fight scene.

Well, you may not agree with me that these are the top fight scenes of all times, so if you have a clip you feel should be shown here by all means put a link in the comments section.


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