The Bunch Now

So where exactly did the bunch from end up? Are the rumors that those two actually hooked up and had 6 kids true? No sorry. The truth has been disguised through fancy advertising, the reality of the situation is much less controversial.

The couple made famous by having their mugs paraded around in millions of website impressions have a colorful story to tell. couple

The couple as they are commonly known, had a rocky relationship from the start. Shortly after graduating high school, Bill (the guy) went on a 4 week drinking rampage, it was the senior party that never ended for him. Beth, the ugly chick he hooked up with seen in this photo went running home and sobbed herself into a pill-popping binge eating suicide mission. As she lay in a pool of her own vomit one morning, Bill walked into her bedroom and in a raspy voice which wreaked of whiskey said, “come on Beth, it’s time to get you cleaned up, you look like a filthy tramp”.

She was so happy to see him, she ignored the comment and hugged him tightly. They walked out of the house and never looked back. Their story ended 5 years later in divorce when Bill cheated on beth with Becky, the one in the left side of the banner ad. Beth eventually found the love of her life on

2nd girlNext is Becky. After graduating high school, Becky decided that being the pretty girl could have its rewards. She stopped posting her pictures in and started a dating empire. Becky currently responds via email to thousands of single men looking for dates on craigslist and myspace.

last guyLastly we have Bob. Bob was the quiet one, after high school he took a job as a fish thrower in the Seattle area. He never really did have much luck with the ladies, so he decided to look online. Currently he’s looking through thousands of offers for “dates and much more”. He says he’s going to take his time going through them until he finds the right one, “I wish I would of known about the interweb sooner, women are practically throwing themselves at me”, he says.


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