The Real Live 8 Charity

live 8 charity

While the rest of the world is focused on a bunch of self serving rock stars trying to stop hunger and genocide through music, we ( have gone beyond and above and truly helped those Africans in dire straights.

It’s easy to play a couple of songs then go back to your gold plated suites where your every amenity is taken care of. But I guess for the rock stars it’s not really about helping but rather feeling good about themselves and “thinking” they have helped. Funny how so many bands come out of the woodwork when they smell weeks of free worldwide publicity, all of a sudden they all want to do something to help. Funny how the “artists” only went to the white part of Africa, what’s the matter got xenophobia?

But not us, we waited until the press coverage subsided and Africans were back to a world of hunger and forgotten by those same rock stars that wanted to help.

Live 8 move over, Birdman and Seahorse are here and ready to take on world hunger. How? Simple. By teaching desolate tribes in Africa secretive underground martial arts techniques.

We also took a care package to each of the tribal leaders we met.

here’s a list of what the care package consisted of;

1. 1 carton of Marlboro reds
2. 6 pack Budweiser beer (can)
3. 1 zippo lighter
4. 1 pack candy cigarettes (can’t forget the kids)
5. A t-shirt
6. 2 ninga stars
7. 1 whoopee cushion
8. A yellow anti-cancer “be strong” wristband
9. A coupon for a free buffet anywhere in Las Vegas
10. A rear view mirror repair kit
11. A tube of sunblock
12. A couple of ice trays

It goes without saying that during our 5 days we met many people and were touched by each and everyone. We found that not only were these people starving but they were also hungry and we knew that we had arrived not a minute to soon. We shared stories ….consoling them with the problems of our nation. We spoke to them about the obesity in our society and horrific tales about people who live beyond there means and the struggle of paying two cars and a mortgage. We knew it would not take away there hunger pains but maybe if only for a second they wouldn’t think about there own second rate lives. And as we sat among them sharing a bag of chips between the two of us,we looked up and saw a young girl, her eyes were focused like a child hungry for knowledge. She hung on our every word as if there were jelly beans coming to fill her tummy, and then a tear trickled down her bony face. That’s when we knew what we were doing was huge. We were truly making a difference. Before we left we gave that little girl a cassette single of Van Halen’s “Hot for teacher” and a walkman. It was the least we could do for a child who had suffered her entire young life.

As our plane left the ground and we started our journey home. We both began to cry. It was a muffled cry but the tears were just as wet and just as real. Looking back on it now we were not crying for those forgotten souls we were leaving behind. We were crying for ourselves. Here we were crossing enormous oceans to help save these people who were so poor and miserable and something had happened that neither of us had counted on…..they had saved us.


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