The Stupid Women of Starting Over Tv Show

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I mentioned this God awful TV “reality” show before, but I have to go at it again because I cannot get over how stupid this show is. Let’s take a look at two examples of why this show should be sued for being crap.

Profile # 1 LisaSee here and click self portrait so you can see the kindergarten-like picture she drew of herself.

OK where do I start with you Lisa? You partied for the better part of your life, now your getting old and don’t seem to have a purpose in life so you want to start over. Does that about sum it up?

Lisa, let me point something out, there are kids in hospitals that are dying from cancer, they have no hope for the future and live day by day hoping for that transplant that might save their life, or wishing that a cure be invented before their time is up. Many of them will never get to see all the places you have seen and partied in. I bet they wish they could start over.

How about entire countries that are brutalized by their dictators, Cuba and North Korea come to mind. Do you know that thousands of Cubans die in the ocean attempting to reach America. You should know…because you live in Miami…if you don’t, open your damn eyes then. How about North Korea? Did you know that people have resorted to eating bark off of trees because their dictator thinks it is more important to furnish his army than feed his people, and oh yeah…don’t try to reach the South Korean border because you will be shot. How about entire North Korean families that have taken to suicide as a way out. I bet all of these people would love to “start over”, but guess what they can’t. But yet a whiny loser like you thinks the world should watch her and a bunch of other idiots on a TV show cry about coming in second place or not “finding yourself until your 40.

Save all of us the agony and disappear.

Profile #2 TJ See here and click self portrait so you can see the kindergarten-like picture she drew of herself.

Nobody likes you because your a stupid idiot who thinks a TV show is going to change your life. Stop being such a know it all. Your husband is the only one that likes you…because he has what is known as the “woman wears the pants” syndrome. TJ he’s afraid of you, last time he tried to speak up, you slapped him across the face with your high-heels and then you made him wear them.

As stupid as I think those other women in the house are, I would have kicked your ass out the first night.

Here’s some advice to all the starting over reality TV show women; STOP BEING SO GODDAMN ANNOYING!!!!


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