About Us

Who Are The Idiots That Decided to Create This Site?

Such a simple question, but a complicated answer. Whatidiots.com has had a long and storied existence. Initially, we created the site and wrote content for our own amusement, however, something funny happened along the way, other people started laughing too-usually at us, not with us.

We are two 40 somethings that love B movies, long walks in the park, and the incredible ability to find the cynical side to everything (generation x – the forgotten generation).

If you are coming here for positive inspiration, I suggest you leave…now!

The site is a cathartic exercise in this excrement sandwich we call life.

Mostly you will find a lot of things people think, but will rarely say. We are your inner voice.

Also, every single post here has stemmed from a real life experience.

Thank you for reading.

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