Yahoo Answers Stupid Question by Leonardo Di Caprio

I liked the new feature that yahoo came up with about a year ago, yahoo answers. Since then, I have contributed with my expansive knowledge in many fields and have helped to make it the success it is today.

In the beginning, Yahoo would pick a question from a regular member and make it the feature question of the day. They still do that , but add a sprinkling of questions from celebrities and so-called important people. The problem with this is that the celebrities always seem to ask the same stupid questions time after time.

Let’s look at today’s example, by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. I know he’s a bastion of intellect and brilliance, so it surprised me when I saw he asked the same tired question about “What can we do to stop global warming”.

If I see that stupid question asked one more time, blood is going to gush out of my eyes and I’m going to have to be baker-acted in order to prevent me from harming myself.

The part that gets me is the whiny useful idiots that follow the lead and answer it time and again. Let’s look at some of the answers to DiCaprio’s stupid question;

there is enough glass already made that if everyone actually recycled all their jars and bottles instead of throwing them out, there would be no need to make anymore glass.

So we’re supposed to save old jars? You guys call this progress? How about when I buy my bottled beer am I supposed to keep all of those? Dude, my garage would be overflowing with bottles right now, what an asinine answer that is.

Here’s another genius;

Put spent coffee grounds on your garden – I also hound StarBucks for mine.

Wow, they must really admire you for that, nah, they probably just chuckle to themselves- “hey look there’s that idiot that takes our garbage out for us. ”

Here’s the best answer to DiCaprio’s question that I found;

I think one of the most effective methods would be for news programs to quit asking entertainers for their political opinions. Entertainers give off a lot of hot air, even more so when they engage in political discussion. As they are generally clueless, it would be best if they just stuck to entertaining.


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